Making the complex, simple ... and effective

adaplo from  ad (advertisment) &  aplo (Greek απλό=simple)

The Story

From my time working at Google I found it so strange that online advertising is so complicated. And it is even more complicated for e-commerce stores due to the high number of products to promote and to frequent inventory changes. Companies such as Amazon and Walmart can afford to employ big marketing teams in order to create sophisticated and highly effective campaigns. But smaller stores cannot and so are at a competitive disadvantage. There just had to be another way.

If we can make self-driving cars using modern technology, it does not make sense for online advertising to be so complicated. Nowadays, we should have an intelligent software solution that works along the lines of “this is my store, this is my budget, get me results”. This is a solution that could empower stores no matter what size to compete against enterprise retailers.

This is the future, and with adaplo, we are delivering that future today.

Gerasimos Nikolopoulos, CEO

The Product

adaplo is the advertising solution that you always dreamed of. It creates and manages highly sophisticated campaigns that deliver incremental sales with a great ROI. While it is extremely high-performance, it is also beautifully simple. It doesn’t force you to understand complex acronyms or make complex optimization changes. It just does what it should do: it delivers incremental sales.
device showing keypoint of adaplo

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