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Grow your career at adaplo


We want you to have the opportunity to do the best work of your life.

We are a technology company.The vast majority of our Team are -and will remain- engineers. We will not hire an army of salespeople, but will sell through platforms and APIs. For us “hack-first” and “engineering focus” are not aspirations but the current way we work. In our line of work, the best opinion does not win, the best solution does.

We believe in small teams.We've been inspired by the fact that there were a total of 3 engineers at Instagram and 35 at whatsapp when both those companies were acquired. Small teams can move fast, do not waste their time on politics and endless meetings. Our work feels more like a SWAT team on a quest rather than an army at war. We do not plan to measure success by the size of our team, but by the impact of our work.

We punch above our own weight.Changing online advertising, which is a $150B industry, is no mean feat. But rather than feel paralyzed by the scale of the quest, we are driven by the challenge. And we believe that a team of super-driven young talents can do a lot. We do not care about prestigious university degrees or social connections. We care about raw intellectual capacity and drive.

The Perks

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Cool place to work

Friendly team, no-shoes office. And near the metro.

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Office setup

Macbook pro, big screen and great headphones.

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Free lunch

Company sponsored lunch 5 days a week.

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Learn with us

No routine. Just hard problems to solve.

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Be here from the outset

We are changing online advertising for e-commerce.

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Company getaways

We go to an island as a team two times a year.

Are you prepared to be challenged?