Google Shopping for Lacoste

Lacoste in Japan increased Google Shopping Revenue by 137.8% from the first Month

+137.8% Revenue +71.8% ROAS
laptop showing a google shopping ad from Lacoste


Understanding the increasing importance of Google Shopping campaigns, Lacoste wanted to scale their campaigns to increase its revenue growth. By working with AdBirds, a global performance marketing agency comprised by ex-Googlers in 60 countries, Lacoste optimized their product feed and saw positive results but needed a way to scale campaign management and bidding


AdBirds used Adaplo to restructure the Shopping campaigns at the most granular level: products were organized by SKU rather than category. The granular setup was then set at full automation so that every product/category change would be reflected in the ad campaigns within one hour. After the initial setup the predictive bidding algorithm of adaplo was activated changing bids multiple times per day taking into account various dimensions such as product attributes, device, user intent, and each user's onsite behavior


Due to the predictive capabilities of adaplo bidding algorithm, Lacoste got substantial performance improvements from the first month and is preparing to further scale their Shopping Campaigns.

137.8% increase in Revenue
71.8% increase ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)

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