Google Shopping for Yogobe

Yogobe in Sweden increased Revenue 107% by optimising Google Shopping with adaplo.

+107% Revenue +146.7% ROAS
laptop showing a google shopping ad from Yogobe


Yogobe is an online store selling yoga-related products in the Swedish market. As all Google studies indicate, consumers search online for fitness tips and ideas, this is why digital advertising is a core pillar of the marketing strategy for Yogobe. Yogobe worked with Banasis, a boutique performance marketing agency with Clients across Europe, to improve the performance of their Google AdWords investment.


To deliver the best performance possible, Banasis used adaplo for the management of Google Shopping Campaigns. The engagement launched with a full restructuring of the Shopping campaigns at the SKU-level. After the initial setup, the predictive bidding algorithm of adaplo was activated changing bids multiple times per day taking into account various dimensions such as product attributes, device, user intent, and each user's onsite behaviour.


Due to the predictive capabilities of adaplo bidding algorithm, Yogobe got substantial performance improvements and significantly increased revenue. Moreover, the time saved from manually managing Shopping campaigns was used by Banasis to do a more in-depth analysis of the account and offer strategic insights.

107.0% increase in Revenue
146.7% increase in ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)

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