Google Shopping Australia

Google Shopping Australia

Over the recent years, Australia has become one of the world’s largest players when it comes to E-commerce in spite of having a smaller population compared to its rival countries. According to a report by eMarketer, 90% of Australians have internet access and 50.3% of the Australian online shoppers make purchases online. Australia is actually ranked among the ten top countries worldwide to show impressive growth in retail e-commerce, which makes it a perfect destination for Google Shopping ads. You can start targeting the AU market today, but before you do; we advise you to check some important points detailed below.

What you need to know before targeting Australia

There are 2 criteria that need to be met if you plan to target the AU:

◻ Language on site: English and Simplified Chinese*

◻ Prices on ads: AUD (A$)

*In some cases, if you’re targeting mainland China (PRC) and Singapore you might need to use Simplified Chinese which is Chinese language with simplified characters in comparison to traditional Chinese.


Although those are the general rules, let’s have a look into 2 different cases:

Case #1: Your store is located in Australia and you already sell in AU

Having a store located in Australia means your site is probably ready for PLAs. Double check you meet the specified conditions required for targeting AU and you’re ready to go.

Case #2: Your store is not located in Australia

If you’re store is located outside of Australia, no worries you can still target AU for PLA ads. Just make sure you focus on the following points before you target the Australian marketplace:

◻ Language: English/Chinese version depending on the area you target. Your site must be up to date with the chosen language version and the feed you submit in merchant center should also point to the same language version.

◻ Currency: Optimally use AUD. If you can’t use AUD, then submit a feed with your local currency (eg. EUR) and let Google do the conversion for you.

◻ Prices: Your landing pages and checkout must show the same currency you used on the feed. For example, if you submit a feed with EUR then keep all the prices on your site in EUR.

◻ Shipping: Keep the same currency as the feed, product pages, and checkout. Also, make sure to submit the right shipping information (for AU) on Merchant Center.

◻ Taxes: Follow the tax requirements of the country you’ve chosen native for the currency.

◻ Feed: Make sure to follow the required attributes as described in the next section.

Differences on the feed attributes if you target Australia

As underlined in the introduction of Google shopping countries, the feed attributes differ depending on the targeted country and are two cases:


If your store is advertising any products that fall under the following category (Apparel products such as t-shirts, dresses etc) then the following attributes usually apply. However since this is subject to change swe advise you to double check [Click on the title to see more].

  • Shipping (required only for override) If you want to override the shipping information that you used on merchant center for AU, then you must use this attribute. For example, your shipping to the AU is 4.50 AUD in general but an item has a different shipping cost 6.49 AUD (eg. value: AU:80302:6.49 AUD).
  • promotion_ id (required only if you useMerchant Promotions) If you use the Merchant Promotion from Merchant Center you must use this id (eg. value: jan2018_au)

Optional Below are some attributes that are not required for your products to start, but would be good to use, especially if you want to provide some information to Google.

  • size_system If your products use a specific size_system then include it here (eg. value: AU).

Showcase Shopping ads

Showcase shopping ads is a feature that allows you advertise individual products and it is available in Australia. You can group related products and present together under your brand/business name. Follow these easy steps to create a Shopping Showcase ad and start benefiting from its many perks.

Differences on the policies if you target AU

According to Google Shopping Ads Policies, as long as you satisfy the requirement you can display PLAs with no restrictions. In Australia however, the following policies may differ when targeting the Australian Market:

  • Alcohol - In Australia, the legal age for Alcohol consumption is 18 and you’re allowed to promote alcohol on Google if you respect the requirements described here.
  • Healthcare and Medicines - In Australia, Google allows promotion of:
    a. non-prescription drug products if they are registered with GPhC. Also, you must fill this pharmacy application form to be certified by Google.
    b. DHEA and melatonin.

Get ready to advertise in Australia with few simple steps detailed in our Google shopping setup guide and start showing PLAs in AU today!


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