Google Shopping Japan

Google Shopping Japan

Japan is home to a population of 126.0 million people, out of which 100.3 million are internet users. The Japanese e-commerce has grew considerably in the recent years, according to statista the revenue of the ecommerce market was estimated at $105,118m USD in 2018 and the largest segment is "Toys, Hobby & DIY" with a market volume of US$24,083m in 2018.

Japan is the perfect destination for advertisers willing to target the country for PLA ads, but before diving in, we advise you to checkout some useful points listed below o help ensure a great start.

What you need to know before targeting Japan

There are 2 criteria that need to be met if you plan to target JP:

◻ Language on site: Japanese

◻ Prices on ads: Japanese Yen (JPY)

How to advertise on Google Shopping if you are not located in Japan?

All you need to focus on before targeting the Japanese marketplace are the following points:

◻ Language: Japanese version. Your site must have an Japanese version and the feed you submit to the merchant center should also point to the Japanese version.

◻ Currency: Optimally use JPY. If you can’t use JPY, then submit a feed with your local currency (eg. EUR) and let Google do the conversion for you.

◻ Prices: Your landing pages and checkout must show the same currency you used on the feed. For example, if you submit a feed with EUR then keep all the prices on your site in EUR.

◻ Shipping: Keep the same currency as the feed, product pages, and checkout. Also, make sure to submit the right shipping information (for JP) on the Merchant Center.

◻ Taxes: Follow the tax requirements of the country you’ve chosen native for the currency.

◻ Feed: Make sure to follow the required attributes as described in the next section.

Differences in the feed attributes if you target Japan

As per the introduction of Google shopping countries, the feed attributes change based on the country you’re wishing to target.

Required Below, are some attributes that you may explicitly set - of course, if your product falls under any category of the following. Usually, those apply if you sell apparel products* (like t-shirts, dresses etc.) This might be optional under certain circumstances, thus we advise you to click on the title to double check.


  • Size_system : This is not required to start but it helps Google identify your product and promote it better. If your products use a specific size_system then include it here (eg. value: JP).

Differences in the policies if you target Japan

Google Shopping Ads Policies forces a set of policies that need to be satisfied in order to display PLA ads. However, when targeting the Japanese marketplace apart from the alcohol promotion restrictions the country doesn't force any further policies.

  • Alcohol - Unlike most countries the legal age for alcohol drinking in Japan is 20 or plus, the country is pretty strict on laws and regulations that have direct effect on health. However, when it comes to promoting alcohol, Google allows it as long as the requirements described here are met.
  • Healthcare and Medicines - In Japan Google allows non-prescription drug listings from online pharmacies whose websites promote online prescription services as long as they provide a valid license number for their "License for marketing authorization holder." Also the Merchants must fill up and submit the following form in order to be certified by Google.

Follow our Google shopping setup guide, and start advertising in Japan today!

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