Google Shopping Ukraine


Google Shopping is available also for Ukraine in a beta state. This means that you will be able to advertise on Google, but minor change may occur in the future. 

What you need to know before targeting Ukraine

There are 2 criteria that need to be met if you plan to target UKR:

◻ Language on site: Ukrainian (or Russian)

◻ Prices on adsUAH - Ukrainian Hryvnia ()


Although those are the general rules, let’s have a look at 2 different cases:

Case #1: Your store is located in Ukraine and you already sell in Ukraine

This one is easy. You would need just to create a feed and setup your Shopping campaigns on Google ads. When creating your feed, make sure that you comply with Google Shopping feed requirements

Case #2: Your store is not located in Ukraine

Targeting Ukraine for PLA ads is possible, but you should make sure to review the following information before going forward.

  • Language: Your site must have a Ukraine or Russian version and the feed you submit to the merchant center should also point to the appropriate language.
  • Currency: Optimally use Ukrainian Hryvnia. If you don't have currency localisation on your site, you can submit a feed with your local currency (eg. Russian Ruble) and let Google do the conversion for you.
  • Prices: Any price that you show on your website and checkout must be the same in the currency you used on the feed. For example, if you submit a feed with Russian Ruble then keep all the prices on your site in Russian Ruble.
  • Shipping: The same rule applies also to the currency on your shipping. Make sure that you submit the right shipping prices and be competitive ;)
  • Taxes: Follow the tax requirements of the country you’ve chosen native for the currency.

Differences in the policies if you target Ukraine

In general, to display PLA ads you must satisfy the Google Shopping Ads Policies. But when it comes to the Ukrainian marketplace, the following points, in particular, need to be taken into consideration:

  • Alcohol - Google accepts the promotion of Alcoholic Beverages in Ukraine. PS. We suggest using the following google_product_category "Food, Beverages & Tobacco > Beverages > Alcoholic Beverages" on your feed.
  • Healthcare and Medicines - In Ukraine, Google doesn’t allow the promotion of the following products or forces limitations:
    a. Abortion, abortion-inducing drugs, and the "morning after" pill
    b. Birth control. This means that you won't be able to advertise condoms or other contraception products.
  • Adult-oriented content - In Ukraine, you can't advertise sexually suggestive content (like images showcasing exposed skin or nudity). 

If you are just starting out with Google Shopping, continue by reading the Google shopping setup guide and start showing PLAs Ukraine!

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