Must Read Articles to Master Google Shopping

The growing importance of Google Shopping cannot go unnoticed. Google Shopping is the largest revenue driver for e-commerce and a huge source of traffic. If you’re a business owner advertising your products online then you probably know what a daunting task managing shopping campaigns can be. And if you not, no need to panic, it’s just a matter of time before you understand that Google Shopping is a Necessary Evil and despite all the hardship, it is worth every penny and every second of your time.

So whether you’re already on board or just starting buckle up and prepare yourself as we dive in to discover the bits and pieces of Google Shopping through this selection of articles we put together especially to help you master the craft.

Without any further ado, here’s what we’ll be looking at as we move forward.

Setting PLAs up

  1.  Google Shopping Countries
  2.  The difference between the Merchant Center & AdWords
  3.  Google Shopping Feed
  4.  Setting up your first AdWords Shopping Campaign


  1.  Google Shopping Campaigns Optimisation
  2.  Google Shopping Feed Optimisation - Best Practices
  3.  3 Google Shopping Hacks to boost Your Campaigns
  4.  3 easy steps to set up Custom Labels for Google Shopping & Boost ROI


  1.  Google Shopping products disapproval - Common mistakes and fixes
  2.  Product Image Requirements & Mistakes to avoid
  3.  Top Google Shopping Tips for 2018 (From Top Adwords Experts)

# Setting PLAs up

1. Google Shopping Countries

To begin with, the first thing you need to check if you’re wishing to dive into the world of PLAs is whether Google Shopping is available in your country or the country you want to target.

The article will provide you with the full list of countries where Google shopping is available (43 countries and counting), details about currency and language per selected country, in addition to the policies and requirements you need to comply with.  And finally the most important part of it all The Feed, you will find a list of the different attributes (Required and Optional) that you need to consider when targeting a particular country. Click to read more

2.The difference between the Merchant Center & AdWords

When you first decide to advertise your products on Google, you might find yourself facing a slight confusion when it comes to distinguishing between the MC (Merchant Center) and Adwords. The first is a tool that helps you upload your store and product data and the second is an online advertising program that helps you create and manage your ads successfully.

The following article will clear any confusion you might have and provide you with the basic knowledge to get started with both tools. Click to read more

3. Google Shopping Feed

The Feed is the most important component of your campaigns. Google will use the information you provide to identify your products, understanding their content and getting them in front of the right customers.

This article covers all you need to know about product feed, from what data format to use, which product information to submit and what policies to comply with to how to upload your feed to the MC. In addition to a handful of tips to optimise your campaigns for success! Click to read more

4. Setting up your first AdWords Shopping Campaign

Time for some real work! Now that you’ve familiarised yourself with the Merchant Center and Google AdWords and created your feed, it’s time to get started with your first Shopping Campaign.

In this article, you will be introduced the requirements you need to comply with, how to set up Google Shopping in a step by step guide format and finally, you’ll learn how to monitor the performance of your campaigns, discover optimisation ideas and future areas for improvement. Click to read more

# Optimisations

1. Google Shopping Campaigns Optimisation



Optimisation is key to a successful campaign, think of it as an opportunity to take your campaign performance to the next level with a few simple tweaks.

In this article, you’ll learn more about campaign structure levels, bidding methods, location and device modifiers, remarketing lists, Ad scheduling and finally negative keywords. As you can see the list is full and we’ve covered everything you need to know to make the most out of your campaigns. Click to read more

2. Google Shopping Feed Optimisation - Best Practices 

In the same context as the previous article but this time on a more detailed level, we present you in this article with the best optimisations related to your product data feed.

You’ll learn how to clean data and attributes, how to provide Google with relevant titles for your ads and finally, how many times you’re required to upload your product feed to the Merchant Center to make sure your data is updated and optimised to achieve better results. Click to read more

3. 3 Google Shopping Hacks to boost Your Campaigns

Here comes the fun part. It’s time to get your hacker mode on and read this article where we unveil three shopping hacks that will help boost your campaigns significantly. Magic relies in simplicity, and these are simple handy tips to unlock the next level of your campaigns’ success. Click to read more

4. 3 easy steps to set up Custom Labels for Google Shopping & Boost ROI

And the fun continues with the following article that shares the magic of custom labels, you’ll get to discover the different available types and how to easily set them up in few steps. Often ignored in the process, these hidden gems if set correctly can take your campaigns to the next level. Not only will they help you improve the performance of your Google Shopping Campaigns and allow you to manage your bidding in a more profitable manner but will also boost your ROI. Click to read more

# Tips

1. Google Shopping products disapproval - Common mistakes and fixes

Now even if you’ve done everything right, you could still end up facing product disapprovals which are nasty errors that can interrupt your ads from running or in a worse case result in getting your account suspended.

We have listed the most common mistakes more advertisers make in this article and provide you with ways to fix them quickly. Click to read more

2. Product Image Requirements & Mistakes to avoid

As much as the feed is considered to be pivotal to the success of your campaigns so are the images you choose for your products. Images are what makes a visitor click on your ad and potentially become a customer and thus they need special attention.

In this article, we will discover image requirements, the common mistakes to avoid and tips that will help you set the perfect images for your products. Click to read more

3. Top Google Shopping Tips for 2018 (From Top Adwords Experts)

This article is the cherry on top of the cake! As we fully understand the importance Google Shopping occupies in the advertising world, we have gathered a handful of tips from the industry’s finest marketers and experts and put them together to help you manage your campaigns better and gain a competitive edge over your competitors in order to drive better results. Click to read more

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