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sillhouete of London with google shopping word

Google Shopping UK

4 min read

Google Shopping works like a charm in the United Kingdom. This means that you can upload a feed and target people located in the UK using PLAs ads. Before you take another step, though, first make sure you check out some important details we list in this article.

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map of the world with google shopping word

Google Shopping Countries

5 min read

Google Shopping Ads is a fairly complex, yet performant, type of advertising that is rolled out country by country. Note that if you want to advertise across borders with PLAs, you must meet certain criteria defined by Google, such us the supported language, currency, shipping information and taxes.

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logo of magento with text of google verification

An easy way for google verification on Magento

6 min read

The Google verification process is a way to prove that you are the owner of your Magento store to Google services. It is an important step to take as it allows you to easily diagnose and fix SEO problems on your website, and optimise your organic traffic, among others.

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people planning with papers and coputer

Setting up your first AdWords Shopping Campaign

8 min read

Want to start advertising on Google Shopping but do not know how to start? This short guide will give you what need to get started in a disciplined manner.

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