Google Shopping Feed Optimisation - Best Practices

Google Shopping Feed Optimisation

In our previous article, we analysed some of the best practices for Google Shopping Feed. Let's dive into deeper waters and see more details related to it, like how to clean data and attributes and how to optimise the product title properly. 

What we are going to discuss:

  • Clean data and attributes in your product feed.
  • Product title you need for a specific product type.
  • How often do you have to upload your product feed to MCA.

1) Clean data and attributes

Follow the below guidelines for a cleaned product feed.

For the product title attribute:

  • Don't capitalize every character in every word in the title attribute, only the first character and the acronyms(i.e. LG Optimus G + Black + Smartphone + E975).
  • Don't use extra white spaces.
  • Use professional and grammatically correct language.
  • Don't use words from foreign languages, unless they’re well understood. For example, sushi is a word well understood outside of Japan.
  • Don't use strange encoding characters to make your product's title catchy like (ಠ_ಠ). This may have the result your ad to be removed as spam or untrustworthy.
  • Use a relevant product title that describes the product shown on your landing page.

For the other attributes:


2) The Product Title

The product title attribute plays a crucial role in the presentation of your product in the Google Shopping feed. It has to contain not only the title of the product but also specific attributes that will draw the customer's attention. For example:

  • Apparel: Brand + Gender + Product Type + Attributes (color, size, material) (i.e. TFNC + Women's + Dress + Black L Cloth)
  • Electronics: Brand + Attributes + Product Type + Model number (i.e. LG Optimus G + Black + Smartphone + E975)
  • Consumables: Brand or Name + Product Type + Attributes (weight, count) (i.e. Tramadol AMNEAL + Tabs Single Pill + 50mg)
  • Books: Title + Author + Product Type + Format (hardcover, ebook) (i.e. The Alchemist + Paulo Coelho + Literature & Fiction + ebook)

3) Upload to MCA

You already know that your product feed should be uploaded from Google Merchant Center, at least, once per day, and up to 4, depending on your needs. The reason for these uploads is to make sure you always have the latest updates from your products on Google Shopping and that the attributes of your in-stock items reflect the most recent changes. 

Imagine how negative the customer's experience would be if you have out-of-stock products in Google Shopping and your prospects click on them only to find out the desired item is out-of-stock! Also, uploading your product feed frequently will give Google Shopping the details necessary to provide your store with better advertising and find potential customers more efficiently and effectively.

I hope now you have a better idea how to optimize your product feed and achieve the best results and don't forget to take a look at our other blog posts for more news related to Google Shopping. And, if you need any help with optimising your product feed, feel free to contact us! 


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